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    webx.3 cloud hosting

  • webx.3 cloud hosting

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Welcome to your new Virtual Private Memory Cloud

You needed a secure enterprise cloud platform, and we built one. We've bolted together the Joomla! VPMC to give you the world's fastest dedicated Joomla! server.
  • Managed Joomla! Application & Support

    Joomla! can be used to help you create your home on the Internet. Joomla! can be used to build websites, business applications, or intranets to house internal business operations. Created with PHP, the same powerful computing language behind some of the largest sites online, the Joomla! CMS offers point-and-click usability and thousands of ready-to-go 3rd party tools.

  • Managed Dell Enterprise Compute - Blazing Fast Servers

    We own and operate our own premium Dell servers constructed with fibre channels and compute that scale to suit your business needs. The VPMC is an optimized cloud solution for a variety of business types because of its speed, agility, and scalability. Combined with the speed of our finely-tuned Intel Xeon E7 Processors, you will not find a faster website on the Internet.

  • Managed Memory Based Storage Area Network

    Texas Memory Systems Flash-based SAN Storage is The World's Fastest Storage™. By choosing to use the Joomla! VPMC, you're electing to host your site in a secure cloud environment just like large enterprises, governmental bodies, medical and financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. We can ensure that you never lose a single byte of data.

We equipped the Joomla! VPMC with fast dedicated memory

Our platform is built to run incredibly fast and to scale any size project. Our team updates, maintains and supports you and your Joomla! application from the second it's deployed and every second that follows. Avoid the second guessing that occurs when launching a server, configuring a database, and installing software. We do that work for you and eliminate the worry. You can also have a fully dedicated support staff.

The Joomla! Virtual Private Memory Cloud (VPMC) comes locked and loaded with the world's fastest disk system made of pure flash that is connected to a fibre network. We use the world's fastest Intel Xeon E7 Processors and tune the Joomla! application perfectly to take advantage of all server resources. Joomla! VPMC is built in a secure cloud environment just like ones used by large enterprises, governmental bodies, medical and financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

Why the Joomla! VPMC?

  • To get away from shared hosting facilities and have dedicated resources
  • To hire a world class Joomla! support team for a low monthly fee - we are on the phone and online helping clients everyday
  • To enable your site to scale to millions of hits instantly
  • To receive the migration red carpet our team will migrate your site onto our platform
  • To have instant access to the VPMC environment with no set up fees or yearly contracts - pay as you go
  • To have access to enterprise quality equipment - get the power you need without the cost
  • To experience the freedom of owning your own private cloud environment
  • To experience the freedom of owning your own private cloud environment
  • To experience Open Source standards & own what you create

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