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Domain(TD) Yearly Domain Registration Fee Transfer Fee
 .com  $9.99   $9.99
 .net  $9.99  $9.99
 .org  $9.99  $9.99
.ca  $15.99  $15.99  $9.99  $9.99
.de  $9.99  $9.99
.be  $9.99  --
.eu  $11.99  $11.99
.fr  $10.99  --
.es  $9.99  $9.99
.nl  $9.99  --
.social  $26.99  $26.99
.ninja  $16.99  $16.99
.rocks  $11.99  $11.99
.reviews  $19.99  $19.99

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"Brian (and the webX team) have always been professional and easy to work with. They translate technical "geek speak" into understandable language and to educate the client on the salient and ...
Brian, you really did take me under your wing and showed me the light-AND I DIED when I saw the page you designed for me! You were so accurate with your assumptions of my taste and vision for my ...
I am a small business owner with limited cash flow. I could not believe my luck when Brian said he would rebuild my website at the price he quoted. My new site is professional, tasteful, and speaks ...
“I have worked with webXotic and Brian Parks during the past 10 years on several projects including website design and servicing, creative publication design and production, and general IT ...
I highly recommend Brian Parks for your web design project. He masterfully took the concept that I gave him for my website and created it visually to perfection. He is the consumate professional and ...
“Brian is the ultimate IT professional! Brian was extremely helpful and patient in the development of our website. He is detail oriented and bilingual--- he speaks “geek” and English. His Top ...
The website WebX designed for us has the growth potential for ever increasing changes affiliated with health care. The rating of the website has exceeded the expectations and continues to draw ...
Brian Parks & The WebX Team Have been  visionary in every sense of the word. The  website developed for the Alpha Home is informative as well as educational . It has the ability to engage over ...