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Compliant Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

We will backup your server, computer, data center, or business to our data centers as a service.  Our team will do all the setup, all you have to do is sign up.  We have the ability to provide you both encrypted AES encrypted backup and standard backup.  Order everything online, a representative will contact you directly to walk you through the whole process.

About Compliant Cloud Backup (CCB)

The Compliant Cloud Backup (CCB) is a secure and reliable backup system that automatically creates and stores your corporate data in the cloud. WebX.3 and our partners at can be your backup team, and there is virtually no set up on your side we do all the labor. Many businesses and corporations are being required to provide a compliant backup system, and the CCB is your managed cloud backup solution. The ever-increasing risk of malicious virus attacks, hardware failure, accidental deletion, and even natural disasters have added yet another lay of risk to today's corporate data environment. Servers, PCs, and laptops are being used to save extremely sensitive client and company information, and these business run the risk of data loss. The Compliant Cloud Backup offers a series of tools for remote backups, restores and management. Never worry about your data again. Create your synchronized backup schedule, access and manage your backups remotely through a web portal, and we'll send you a daily report detailing your backup history. If you'd rather speak with us directly, you can pick up the phone and call our staff. We can also help you generate a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan specific for your business needs.

Features of the CCB

    • 100% Professionally Managed - You pick an automated schedule and we do all the work
    • Multi-device/location backups - Backup the content from a single laptop, an office PC, a branch of your business, or the entire corporation
    • Control Panel - Manage all backups from one easy-to-use control panel
    • Daily Reporting - We'll send you a detailed daily report and verification of the backups you create
    • Custom Schedule - Improve recovery points by customizing the schedule to take backups as frequently as every 5 minutes
    • Phone Support - We'll talk you through any restore or backup issues
    • Custom Retention Policy - Choose how long you want to keep your data
    • Linux and Windows (Servers and Desktops) - The CCB is compatible with multiple operating systems
    • MySQL and MSSQL Servers - Plug-ins can backup your database directly (at 5 minute intervals)
    • Bare Metal Restores - If a server dies we can restore backups using bare metal or a virtual machine
    • HIPAA and PCI-DSS protected - 256 AES Encryption with a Disaster Recovery plan
    • Proactive Monitoring & Responses - We immediately react and fix any failed backup
    • Free File Storage Area - As part of the DR plan
    • Same Day Delivery - For large data rebuilds, we'll fly your content to you
    • High-Performance Disk-Based Backups - We use a TCP/IP network, not a REST network
    • Expedited Server Backups - Reduce your backup window from hours to minutes


What is the Compliant Cloud Backup?

The CCB is a tested, feature-filled backup product that has been on the market for over 8 years. The automated and managed CCB service can backup secure computer data to protect the client from hard drive failure, viruses, theft, natural disasters, or human error. Privacy protection and encryption technologies are built right into the online data recovery solution and they ensure your confidential information is protected at all times. You create and control the encryption key. You also create and control your backup schedule. You tell us how often you'd like to backup your content, and we do all the work. There are many companies out there offering online backup services that require you to set up and monitor your own data backup routines. We take a different approach; we do it for you. The CCB can help your resourcing efforts by automatically storing the data safely off site. We protect your data in a SSAE 16 compliant data center with state-of-the-art disk enclosures and advanced security features. Our backup software allows us to store your data using AES 256 encryption, and we'll help you create and test your Disaster Recovery plan. If a backup fails for any reason, our backup team will respond proactively, resolve the issue, and report back to you. We'll also pick up the phone and talk with you directly. Creating a compliant backup system is a complicated task. The Compliant Cloud Backup and WebX.3 is ready to support your backup needs. 

Why WebX.3?

We specialize in high end, high transaction database and file backups. The entry cost of true enterprise backups is out of range for most businesses, and to hire a system administrator to manage the backup process is also out of reach for many. We package the R1soft Enterprise Backup Software with our service to provide you the perfect enterprise-ready, affordable cloud backup solution. Our team has been using R1soft since the inception of our business, and we trust R1soft because it's a proven leader in the backup industry. WebX.3 is also an Internet hosting company, and as part of our internal processes we manage tens of thousands of database applications for our customers. We use the same R1soft Enterprise Backup Software for our own mission-critical billing databases. One of the biggest benefits of choosing WebX.3 is our engineering team. Our engineers are extremely fluent with database applications, and we understand the complexities and differences of restoring files and databases. There aren't many backup companies that have database knowledge that we possess, and choosing a less experienced company could result in database corruption or mismatched database elements. We have partnered with R1soft and we have special privileges with the software that enable us to resolve very complex issues. We have a central control panel that allows us to maintain and monitor hundreds of thousands of servers and computers from a single Network Operations Center. Accountability and backups go hand in hand. WebX.3 has the systems, teams, data centers, and software in place to keep your business safe and secure in any situation. The world is an imperfect place. Hard drives die. Servers crash. You can trust the CCB and WebX.3 to be there when you need us the most.

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